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Advantages of Using a Multifunction Printer for Your Organization

Advantages of Using a Multifunction Printer for Your Organization

Offices are only as good as those who work there, but if your team is struggling with old equipment, you could miss out on valuable potential. Look around you. 

Where do your workers have trouble? There’s a good chance you talked about printers, scanners, and fax machines, all well-known office tools. It’s time to move on.

Multifunction printers can do more than make copies of those expense reports. They can turn the centre of your office into a productive, easy-to-use, and easy-to-keep track hub for your office’s work. 

Let’s look at what multifunctional printers can do for your office and the top three reasons you need to switch now.

What can my organization get out of multifunction printers?

Desk printers are infamously inefficient. They can print one page every minute but use a lot of ink. 

There’s no way to track how much is being used, and if you’ve ever tried to print handouts right before a meeting, you know how stressful it can be not to get everything done on time.

Printers with more than one function can do more than just print. Additionally, they are capable of copying, scanning, faxing, and emailing. You say, “But I already have a desktop printer, a fax machine, and a computer that can do these things just fine,” and you’re right. 

If that’s all you think a multifunction printer can do, you’re not getting the most out of it.

Why should I change to a multifunction printer?

These aren’t the only things that multifunction printer in Qatar can do. Instead, think of them as the entry point to managing all of your unstructured data. 

If you stop thinking about “feed and speed,” you can see what multifunction printers can do. Let’s look at what that real potential means for your company.

  • Digitize Documents

How long do you spend looking for a hard copy of a contract or record to use as a historical example? With a multifunction printer, you can turn those loose paper documents into a system you can search for immediately.

When you update your single-use equipment, it becomes a hub for digital information. You can send these documents through your organization, so you don’t have to keep extensive paper records. 

Even if you never get rid of your paper copies, you could make a searchable library that fits your workflow and is easy for your team to access.

  • Improve Security

Digitizing sensitive documents is a big step, but multifunction printers have security features to put your mind at ease. 

They are connected like computers and have security features that close holes and stop hackers from getting to information.

You can also set document permissions to keep your most sensitive information safe behind a digital lock and key. You can also track activity to see who is following the rules. 

Individual access codes set these permissions. You can give your older employees options like secure pull printing, which keeps sensitive documents from sitting in an output tray for even a second.

  • Upgrade Ease Of Use And Support

Many multifunction printers now have displays that are easy to use and work like our phones and tablets. 

Instead of black-and-white screens with little information, employees can use touch screens to look at the options and choose what they want. 

This cuts down on or eliminates the need for training and customer service. Now, managed support is also a part of multifunction printers. 

A team of experts is ready to help with security updates, questions about more sensitive or complicated office needs, and audits that will help you set up your multifunction printer in the best way possible.

The companies that sell multifunction printers are committed to making office and enterprise management easier by improving workflow. 

This could include automatic delivery of toner and supplies, automatic metre readings, customer service support or a dedicated account manager, regular maintenance, and productivity audits.

How Can I Choose the Right Multifunction Printer?

You know that switching to a multifunction printer can improve your workflow, security, and environmental impact while saving valuable employee time by automating maintenance and updates. 

There are still many options available, however. Choosing the right one can be challenging at first. The following are a few essentials to keep in mind:


How many pages do you need to print? For example, a small nonprofit will answer this question differently than a large enterprise. A complete office workflow audit may help you make the best choice.


Most multifunction printers have much better resolution than old desktop printers. However, you’ll still have to decide how high your resolution should be. 

Design firms may need accurate colour representation, while law offices may need enough black-and-white resolution to read digitized documents.

Energy star certifications

How often do you use the printer? Does it have an Energy Star label? Settings like the sleep mode, printing on both sides of the paper, and toner-saver modes help you be more environmentally friendly and lower the overall cost of operation.


If your office does any public relations or marketing, comprehensive format options may help. 

Even if your office isn’t in marketing, think about how often you send large format print jobs to the office supply store down the street and add that to your multifunction printer guide. If those print jobs were done in-house, it could free up valuable resources.

A managed print service is a great way to switch to a multifunction printer and office hub without shutting down the office for long periods. 

It also helps you make the best choice for your office, so you don’t pay too much for features you don’t use and don’t need or too little and kick yourself for not getting the one feature your office needs.

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