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Applying For IELTS For The Time? Here’s What You Need To Know

Applying For IELTS

It’s no secret that English is the most common language in the world, and one of the most popular second languages. Because of this, many jobs now require international applicants to have at least a basic proficiency in English. The most commonly accepted form of demonstrating this proficiency is through IELTS scores.

The IELTS test is an international standard examination to test the English proficiency of a student. The test is accepted by universities and governments worldwide and has become the best way for students to explore study opportunities in countries like the USA, the UK, and Australia. If you are applying for IELTS for the first time, then there are a few things you need to know for sure.

A Preface to IELTS Exam

You must have heard that IELTS is a standardized test for English proficiency. It’s important to remember that this statement applies only to Basic IELTS, Academic IELTS, and General Training IELTS. The only difference between these three versions of the exam is the structure, content of the questions, and IELTS exam fee.

If you’re unsure which version you need to take, please check with your target institution. This will help you know what kind of score is required for you to get accepted. In addition, many institutes and online coaching centers offer complete support for students regarding the IELTS exam, including the preparation and application process.

Who Can Appear For IELTS?

The IELTS is meant for those who need to demonstrate English language proficiency in order to apply for a visa to a country from the countries which accept IELTS scores as valid. The countries that accept IELTS scores are the USA, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. There is no specific educational qualification for IELTS, but applicants must have at least a graduate degree.

Students need to be qualified for the course/diploma/degree they are applying for. The IELTS score is also accepted by universities and employers worldwide, although they may have different requirements or accept other documents before allowing you to take the exam.

Important Point for First-Time Applicants

Those interested in applying for IELTS to study abroad, they need to have some knowledge about a few basic things. When applying for IELTS for the first time, there are certain protocols you must follow. These include:

  • A letter from the testing agency is a must. It should be issued by the agency, signed, dated, and sent with your application form. Acceptable codes are listed on the website. You cannot send an email or fax for this purpose, although it may be acceptable in individual cases.
  • The exam for different stages of IELTS Is conducted in different matches from time to time. Therefore to avoid missing your exam, make sure to stay in touch with the latest updates regarding IELTS test dates.
  • You must send the application form, your full academic transcript, or a letter from the academic institution saying you have been accepted for IELTS. Allow an extra three weeks for delivery of your results or confirmation after submitting materials in the specified form.

It is also recommended that you hire a tutor who can help you with all these procedures to prove that you are ready for the IELTS exam without any problems and get all the help you need and have requested.

How to Find the Best Test Prep For IELTS?

While looking for the best English test preparation for IELTS, make sure to choose Jamboree Education Pvt Ltd an experienced and reputable institute. You can check the institute’s track record to get an idea about the results and performance of their students. In addition, an experienced tutor is more convenient and doesn’t require weeks of waiting around before you can begin learning.

In addition to ensuring your tutor is qualified and can administer the test, they should have experience with which versions are appropriate for your situation. Some tutors offer free mock test facilities along with their prep courses. If you are interested in regular tests, this could be a deal breaker. If you take the IELTS Academic version, your tutor will need to know how to help you make it through to a higher score but still be accepted by your chosen university or immigration agency as an international student. Therefore make sure to choose an IELTS prep institute with a good record of handling different cases of IELTS.

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