Tuesday, September 26, 2023

How to do Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

1. Switch to a creative or professional account

An important step, although not required, is to have a creator or business account on Instagram.

When you have this name on your account, it establishes your authority with your followers and the companies you choose to work with. You will be seen as a trustworthy person who does not try to run a scam or rush.

2. Find partners or companies you want to work with.

To start affiliate marketing on Instagram, you need to find an affiliate program that you want to work with. Amazon Associates is a good example of an affiliate program, where you can earn between 1-10% commission depending on the product type.

Another option is to contact the companies you want to work with directly and explain how you fit into what they offer and the potential your audience can bring to them. Businesses can also contact you directly to start an affiliate relationship, which is a reminder of the importance of having a business profile or creator account to establish your authority.

3. Choose a product that fits your niche and the type of content you create.

When you’re finalizing your relationship, be sure to choose a product or service that’s relevant to your niche, your audience, and the content you’ve created. 

For example, if you’re a tech creator, collaborating with an attractive brand doesn’t necessarily have an impact on the content you create.

It is also important to have confidence in the product, company or service you endorse. If your audience pursues a purchase because of your advice and experience with the product and it doesn’t work as advertised, you may lose trust with your audience. that you worked hard to build.

It is recommended that you test the product or service yourself beforehand to ensure that the partnership is beneficial for everyone involved. 

4. Share your link or unique code.

The way you make money as an affiliate is when your audience buys something through your unique code or link. So be sure to share your code in your listings, articles, reels, bio profiles – wherever your audience will find them. If you have 10,000 followers or more, you can add a swipe up link to your story.

When sharing these links, it is recommended that you clearly state that it is part of a paid partnership to make your audience more aware.

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